Iraq Technology - Scada Plc Control System

Scada & PLC Control System

ITC’s engineering team has acquired unique experience working on hundreds of projects in Iraq and abroad. That experience is incorporated into the work process, which begins with the effort invested in researching and understanding our client’s needs.
To implement an effective automation system the initial system requirements must be informed and accurate.
To understand the requirements ITC’s experts ask the basic questions:

  • What does the client want?
  • Why is the change necessary?
  • What hardware and software are used today?





The answers to those questions provide the framework. Then we get down to detail. We have to learn every aspect of plant operations because a control system must provide efficient, effective control.
Visualizing an existing system and monitoring old equipment is challenging. Nevertheless, ITC’s engineers know how to make the adjustments needed to prolong the lifespan of existing control systems and save your company money.
In addition, we have developed a unique service exclusively available to ITC clients – an instant money saver: Automatic conversion of SCADA screens and databases to modern software standards.
Another ITC advantage: In depth knowledge of a very broad range of PLC hardware and software. Our programmers work with all major manufacturers and provide solutions for older, less well known hardware.
Assessment of the resources needed for a Control System upgrade takes into account existing SCADA applications, installation, PLC programming, and schema. It is a methodology that ensures rapid return on investment.