Iraq Technology - Pre Construction Estimating

Pre Construction Estimating

A good General Contractor in Iraq, such as ITC, should offer all necessary Pre-Construction services and guarantee that these services are performed by a qualified construction manager. And ITC can guarantee that. Our team at ITC is completely qualified to perform all Pre-Construction services during the design phase of any construction project. Managers at ITC keep up with the constantly changing regional construction regulations, materials available, and all trade considerations.

Pre-Construction services might include:

  • Pre-Budgeting
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling of services
  • Plan review, Architecture
  • Engineering plans, Site management
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Supplier coordination

In the construction estimating category, all Pre-Construction budgetary evaluations are handled in an efficient and expedient manner to keep the entire project on target. Construction estimating and budgeting is a huge part of any construction project.
With construction projects, many clients need hard bids. ITC is more than willing to provide hard bids as well as soft bids. Hard bids takes time and dedicated research on the part of a General Contractor. Be assured, ITC stands by their estimators and guarantees all hard bids or guaranteed maximum price.