Iraq Technology - Mechanical & Piping

Mechanical & Piping

ITC is a renowned partner in mechanical maintenance from ad hoc activities by mechanical technicians to full outsourcing. We are always focused on improving performance and reducing total costs of ownership.
How we add value:

  • Providing day to day maintenance
  • Completing turnarounds during shutdowns
  • Executing overhaul projects
  • Servicing complete installations or specific parts
  • Always improving performance based on best practices
  • Being proactive to move from reactive to preventive or predictive maintenance
  • Working according to the customer's maintenance plan or developing and managing new plans
  • Acting as main contractor and managing all sub-contractors
  • Using the contract of choice: full outsourcing, performance contracts or unit rates


ITC provides maintenance services and competences through the complete maintenance chain: contract management, maintenance management, project management, engineering, planning, procurement and execution. Always customisable to client demand with the highest standards for the quality and safety of all services delivered.




In many cases the ITC mechanical maintenance competences are combined to multi-disciplinary services with:

  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Mechanical & Piping services
  • Machining & bolting
  • Valve services
  • Pump services
  • Heat treatment services
  • High pressure machining
  • In-shop machining

ITC offers full execution and project management of construction projects, including engineering, procurement, work preparation, and mechanical and electrical installation works. We have proven project management procedures in place to manage mechanical construction projects of all types, sizes and degrees of complexity.
Construction on-site by our skilled welders and technicians is supported by experienced project managers. ITC has the resources to manage your projects safely, efficiently and within schedule.
ITC is an expert in the prefabrication of piping, skids and modules. We act as a solid partner, manufacturing your equipment in shop and/or installing it on-site, safely and matching all your requirements, materials, processes and project sizes. With the right people, expertise and facilities in place, we can handle any project.