Iraq Technology - General Contracting Construction

General Contracting

ITC is an engineering and general contracting company that has gained its expertise over the past years of continued service in different fields of construction industry and infrastructure projects.
Due to its accumulation of experience through the execution of a wide variety of projects, and due to its commitment to excellence, ITC has extended its work horizons all around Iraq. We have also participated in implementing large projects in UAE, where projects have been successfully completed.
Since its establishment, ITC has earned the reputation of providing only the highest quality services for its clients in the construction industry.


  Each project is carefully planned and managed to assure quality, safety and on-time completion for a wide variety of projects around the Iraq.
ITC has extensive construction experience developed over the years of operation. We have worked on a wide range of projects both large and small using quality materials with experienced professionals to design, manage, and build.
Through our extensive experience, we have adapted to changing political conditions and varied requirements in the region – experience that has given our clients the leverage of invaluable knowledge about the region’s unique labor requirements, tribal associations and security. Our in-depth knowledge ensures accurate cost estimates, optimized schedules and proactive risk management.

ITC’s construction services cover:

  • Pre-Construction planning
  • Construction management
  • General contracting
  • Direct-hire construction
  • Labor procurement and management
  • Material control management
  • Project control management
  • Safety management
  • Dust abatement/environmental programs
  • Qualityassurance and quality control
  • Logistics management
  • Site selection studies