Iraq Technology - Engineering Services

Engineering Services

If you are planning to refurbish or carry out a civil engineering project with efficient design, this is the place to start. We can help you with building consultancy, environmental consultancy and act as your consulting engineer.
We have brought together all our competences in consultancy and design, and act as an internal consulting engineer. We can also undertake the architect function. This means that you only need one collaboration partner for your entire project if you choose us.
We primarily provide consultancy where the ITC handles design, engineering and execution.


You can obtain consultancy in all primary engineering disciplines, and we also work across disciplines. We work at both a national and international level. With our competences, you gain a consulting engineer's competences and a construction engineering company's competences brought together in one place.
In addition to construction engineering, consultancy and other mentioned services, the ITC provides many engineering solutions in electromachnical, LV, HV, biomedical, communication, geological, material engineering study, water resources, softwares, IT solutions and many others.